In response to fluctuating power prices and Vilnius Airport's 2030 environmental neutrality target, the new departures terminal will be equipped with a 5,000 sq.m solar power plant modules. This solar installation is expected to provide a third of the terminal's electricity needs, reinforcing the airport's commitment to sustainability.

“Renewable energy technologies are a very significant part of sustainable development of the Lithuanian Airports. By this project we open up a new progress level, where by reducing our impact on the environment we will be able to service twice as many passengers”, Arnas Dumanas, the Chief Development Officer at Lithuanian Airports, says.

The modern double-acting solar power plant module system will totally cover about 70 percent of roof area of the future terminal and ensure power output of 488 kW. Electric power generated from the sun should satisfy about 30 percent of the entire constant electricity demand of the terminal building of 14.4 thousand sq.m.

According to A. Dumanas, it is estimated that efficiency of the dual-element system is about one-fifth more than of usual solar power plant modules.

“In order double-acting modules to operate with maximum efficiency, the roof will be covered by white roofing before that. This sustainable architectural solution will also allow using future refrigeration systems of indoor premises more effectively, as the white roof will heat up less and heat the indoor premises less, which are to be cooled down later”, the Chief Development Officer at Lithuanian Airports says.

Moreover, it is foreseen that the new terminal will use a fifth as much heating energy that current buildings of airport terminals. Solar power plant modules installation works are planned to perform in May-August of 2024. All works are to be performed so as the A++ energy efficiency class building would be provided the “BREEAM Good” level certificate after completion of construction.

Vilnius Airport is building a new passenger departures terminal module in the northern part of the airport. After the construction of this terminal with an area of 14.4 thousand square meters is complete, the total area of all passenger terminals at Vilnius Airport will increase by a third, and passenger throughput will double - from 1 200 passengers per hour to 2 400. The reconstruction of the ground accessibility system in front of Vilnius Airport will be carried out simultaneously with the construction of the new terminal: the engineering networks will be renovated, the pavement will be replaced, and a new much more efficient transport scheme will be developed.

Last updated: 2023 10 16

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