As a part of consistent progress of the Vilnius Airport Reconstruction Program, the procurement of aerodrome reconstruction works has been announced. It is necessary to reconstruct the aerodrome infrastructure due to its depreciation and because we aim to reduce the impact on the environment.


According to Dainius Čiuplys, head of Vilnius Airport, the main goal is to improve the infrastructure-related elements and to renew the main aerodrome infrastructure pavements, which have not been renewed after the runway reconstruction in 2017.


“Existing infrastructure requires changes that must both ensure efficient management of existing flows and meet the technical and qualitative needs of users. Aerodrome reconstruction will improve aircraft traffic conditions and, very importantly, reduce their impact on the environment. These necessary changes are being emphasized not only by us but also by the airlines, ground handling companies, and some other businesses that are operating precisely in the airport area”, says D. Čiuplys.


Arnas Dūmanas, project manager for the Vilnius Airport reconstruction program, notes that this procurement includes work on northern platform and related infrastructure, and also re-engineering of the runways.


“Currently, Vilnius Airport has one runway and five taxiways. Depending on the objectives set, the runway F is expected to be extended, which will reduce pollution due to the shorter manoeuvring time of aircraft. A very important stage will be the northern apron project, which will be implemented after an assessment of the traditional aircraft fleet that has evolved over the last ten years and its needs. In the next stages, the rest of the runways will be renewed, which must be done every 10-15 years, and also a new northern apron connection to the runway will be installed”, comments A. Dūmanas.


According to him, after the reconstruction, Vilnius Airport aerodrome will have more efficient infrastructure adapted to the changing fleet of aircraft. Between the main platform and runway reconstruction works there is also installation of coatings, installation of LED lights system, and implementation of more efficient surface water collection solutions.


According to the head of Vilnius Airport, implementation of measures to reduce environmental impact is related to the strategic objective of Lithuanian airports - to invest in environmental measures.


Kishštof Kmecik, project manager for the reconstruction of the aerodrome, says that the work is expected to begin in spring of 2020 and finish in early 2022. The exact amount of the investment in the reconstruction works will be clear when the contract is signed. The investment in the reconstruction of the aerodrome is expected to pay off in the next 10 years. The planned works are expected to be completed without closing the airport.


The entire Vilnius Airport reconstruction program includes reconstruction of the northern apron, taxiways, installation of a new VIP terminal with a conference centre, construction of the departure terminal, alteration of the traffic scheme in front of the airport and installation of new commercial spaces. All the aforementioned reconstruction projects will be carried out at the operating airport and will be carried out in such a way as to minimize discomfort to passengers.


About Vilnius Airport


Vilnius Airport is a part of the Lithuanian Airport Network, which operates three airports in Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga. During 2018 they served 6.3 million passengers and conducted 61 thousand flights.

Last updated: 2019 11 07

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