Vilnius Airport is planning a preparatory stage for the future construction of a new passenger departure terminal in the early beginning of November, and a site for the future construction works will be set up next to the airport's passenger terminal. During the preparation works, the transport system scheme in the airport area will be temporarily altered, with the relocation of the existing intercity bus stop and the relocation of some of the long-term parking to the surrounding car parks. Passengers are advised that these changes to the transport system scheme are foreseen from 4 November.

Reportedly, as part of the preparations for the future terminal project, the existing intercity bus stop and waiting area will be relocated to the bus parking spaces in P2 car park.

The long-term car park P7 will also be closed due to construction preparation works. All other car parks on the airport site will operate as normal.

Please note that the next stages of the Vilnius Airport Departures Terminal Contract Project along with the construction of the new terminal will also include a comprehensive redevelopment of the transport approaches in front of the airport: it is planned to renew the engineering networks, replace the pavement, install carports, and create a new, much more permeable transport system scheme.

You can find more information about intercity connections with Vilnius Airport in the dedicated subpage:

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Last updated: 2022 11 04

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