Following the completion of the necessary inspection procedures, the largest airfield renovation project in the country's aviation history at Vilnius Airport will be officially completed in January 2022. During the three-year reconstruction, new taxiways were upgraded and installed, surfaces were modified and widened to allow larger aircraft to taxi, and environmentally friendly solutions were introduced. The project was completed on time and without disrupting the airport’s normal operations, with a contract value of €36 million (excluding VAT).

After the reconstruction of Vilnius Airport aerodrome, the safety of airport operations, faster aircraft maintenance and flight development will be ensured. Due to the implemented ecological solutions after the reconstruction, the airport becomes more environmentally friendly – energy-saving LED lights have been installed, surface wastewater collection and treatment has been improved, and the construction of an automated de-icing wastewater treatment plant is planned to start this year.

The Minister of Transport and Communications Marius Skuodis states that this reconstruction will increase the competitiveness of the airport, after which the services provided at the airport will be further improved and the safety of flights will increase.

“The country’s largest airport will become even more competitive after this reconstruction, and the reconstruction itself is a great example of achieving the goals of the green course. Every time I visited the airport last year, I kept a close eye on the changes and how the airport’s capabilities expanded. Another huge investment project awaits the airport this year – the construction of a new departure terminal,”- says the Minister.

“We are glad that the renovated Vilnius Airport will be able to make a significant contribution to the recovery of the aviation sector.  Investments in the modernization of infrastructure have been made at a time when it is necessary to expand the capacity to service various types of aircraft. In addition, the works implemented during the reconstruction and the created modern service system will reduce the impact on the environment, we will be able to attract new carriers and expand the map of directions.  It also makes it easier to ensure smooth cargo transportation and create even more favourable conditions for the development of business partners,” says Marius Gelžinis, General Director of Lithuanian Airports.

Aldas Rusevičius, General Manager of AB “Kauno tiltai”, which performed the main reconstruction works, states that their company greatly values ​​this experience as invaluable both in terms of the work portfolio and close and constructive cooperation with Vilnius Airport.

“Reconstruction of Vilnius Airport was a significant task for us as a contractor. First of all, because the specifics of the object itself required special flexibility, efficiency and precision.  Another, no less important thing, is the constant attentive involvement of the customer’s representatives, goodwill communication and participation in the processes. The scale of the work carried out jointly, the volume of infrastructure arranged and the amount of materials used also show the uniqueness of this project. AB “Kauno tiltai” is pleased that its work has contributed to significant changes and ambitions and prospects for the development of sustainable, safe flights in the country,” said A. Rusevičius.

What has been done?

The largest share of investments in this project is €14.1 million for the reconstruction and extension of the northern platform.  The existing platform has been augmented with 8 aircraft parking lots, including 5 additional parking spaces adapted for large aircraft. Concrete parking lots were also renovated, and new asphalt pavements were installed. During the reconstruction, there was an underground electrical system (GPU) for charging aircraft equipment. Energy-saving LED lighting and an environmentally sustainable surface water collection solution have been installed. Following the refurbishment, new aircraft landing sites have been installed, which are important for the safe and efficient maintenance of aircraft during the winter season.

Another important part of the project is the reconstruction of the taxiway F, including its distribution and extension parallel to the main runway.  These reconstruction works cost €10.5 million. The length of the renewed taxiway is 2500 meters. It has improved surface water collection and treatment, and energy-saving LED lights have been installed.

The total investment in drainage sites, surface water treatment system and wastewater treatment amounts to over €7 million. In addition, in 2022. it is planned to start the construction of an automated aircraft decommissioning plant. The liquid collected in it will be prepared for secondary use.

Another part of the reconstruction project is the installation of a new taxiway Z. Investments in this part of the infrastructure amount to €1.3 million. It connected the extended new northern platform with the runway threshold and taxiway F.

The demolition of runway A was also carried out, as well as the repair of aircraft runway E signal light systems and surfaces costing a total of €0.7 million.

In this reconstruction project of Vilnius Airport aerodrome, a total of about a thousand new LED lights have been installed in the taxiways, which will allow saving one-fifth of the consumed electricity.

About Lithuanian Airports

The network of Lithuanian Airports includes three air gateways in Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga.


Last updated: 2022 01 14

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