Valdas Stropus, the new Chief Operations Officer, has joined the top management team of Lithuanian Airports. A specialist who has worked in various positions related to aviation and airport processes for almost 20 years, he has spent the last 9 years as the Head of Safety and Compliance at Lithuanian Airports.

"Over the years, I have had the opportunity to get to know in detail all three of our country's airports and the partners that operate there. I believe that I have been able to gain insight into the strategic projects of the airports, to understand the day-to-day processes and the specifics of the current challenges. I am well aware of the major qualitative changes that have been and will be taking place in our airports in recent years, and I will strive to ensure that the airport operations area is well prepared for this context," says V.Stropus.

Lithuanian Airports reminds that after joining the organisation's team, employees are provided with a package of additional benefits, which includes not only financial incentives for demonstrating good results, but also training, a comfortable physical working environment and a values-based environment that promotes diversity, private health insurance, additional vacation days, and reimbursement for children's camps.

Last updated: 2024 05 14