At the beginning of May, Gintarė Norvilaitė – Tautevičė, who was previously responsible for the projects of the airport sales team, will take up the position of the Head of Commercial Department of Lithuanian Airports.

Norvilaitė - Tautevičė has been working at Lithuanian Airports for about ten years. She started her career as a non-aviation services manager at Vilnius Airport, later (after the merger of three Lithuanian airports into one organisation) she became a project manager in the commercial department, and most recently she has been working as the head of the sales team, which deals with sales and development of commercial non-aviation services.

“I appreciate this opportunity to have a consistent career at Lithuanian Airports very much. Non-aviation revenue represents a significant part of the company’s financial flows and it is the strategic ambition of our entire team that this part of the revenue should represent about half of the total revenue of the organisation. This year, it is planned to transform the company into a joint stock company, which will provide new opportunities for the development of the commercial activities of airports", - says Norvilaitė - Tautevičė.

Norvilaitė - Tautevičė graduated from Vilnius University with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and from ISM University of Management and Economics with a Master’s degree in International Marketing and Management, and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Management at the same university.

“We are proud of our colleagues who are growing so purposefully and consistently within our organisation. Gntarė is undoubtedly one of the best examples of the successful experience we have in managing airport commercial processes, which, allows us to continue to achieve our strategic goals. I am convinced that at this stage, when we are no longer talking about recovery but about a perceived growth in aviation traffic, commercial revenue will become an even stronger catalyst for the growth of the financial flows of the entire organisation,” says Marius Gelžinis, CEO of Lithuanian Airports.

Last updated: 2022 05 10

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