The latest turnover data of partners operating in passenger terminals at Lithuanian Airports show that the aviation recovery has had a positive impact on these businesses as well. The total turnover generated by retail and food and beverage businesses operating at airports in January-August this year amount to almost EUR 32 million and is four times higher than during the same period last year. This year's turnover is almost EUR 4.5 million higher compared to prie-pandemic year 2019 (same period).

According to Gintarė Norvilaitė-Tautevičė, Chief Commercial Officer of Lithuanian Airports, the growth in turnover has been mainly influenced by the rapidly recovering passenger flows, which in certain periods even exceeded the pre-pandemic levels.

“One of the main reasons for the rapid growth in turnover is the increase in passenger traffic. The number of passengers at Lithuanian Airports has practically reached the pre-pandemic level, and in the case of Kaunas Airport, passenger flows have been exceeding the indicators for 2019 since April,” said G. Norvilaitė-Tautevičė.

She added that inflation and price increase for some services have had an impact on the turnover performance as well, but have not been the only growth factor. G. Norvilaitė-Tautevičė also noted that the airports' initiated sales incentive programmes, client service trainings, mystery shopping audits and other client service inspections for partners also help to ensure consistent growth in turnover results. Net promoter score is also measured at Lithuanian Airports every year and the number of passengers who evaluate airport as wells our partner services in positive manner has increased by more than one tenth this year when compared with results of 2019.

“We are constantly introducing new services for passengers at Lithuanian Airports. Restaurant Manami  and café Pank'olis by Kalnapilis nealkoholinis have started operation in the general departure lounge during this year. Baggage wrapping services are offered at Vilnius and Kaunas airports as well as new network of currency exchange offices has been launched at all airports. To sum up, we suggest that you consider joining our network of commercial partners and take advantage of the unique business development opportunities at airports in case you are planning to expand your business activities,” said the Chief Commercial Officer of Lithuanian Airports.

According to the CCO, Lithuanian Airports are planning to launch new lease tenders in the near future.

“We plan to further expand our network of commercial partners by the end of this year and will be launching new tenders. A tender for the lease of premises to set up duty free shops and provide services to passengers at Palanga Airport is already in progress. We are also planning to launch two tenders for the lease of premises for food and beverage services at Kaunas Airport, which will include as many as four service units. Looking further ahead, and in preparation for the operation of the new passenger departure terminal at Vilnius Airport, many various lease tenders are also coming up, as the completion of the airport terminal reconstruction project will give us even more space for commercial activities and will allow us to present our passengers with an even greater variety of selection,” said G. Norvilaitė-Tautevičė on the planned new opportunities for commercial partners.

Last updated: 2022 10 03

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