On August 26, Marius Beliūnas, Interim General Director of SE Oro Navigacija, and Vidas Kšanas, Chief Airports Safety and Security Officer of Lithuanian Airports, signed a cooperation agreement establishing operational cooperation in the field of safety management. Two state companies that are strategically important to the entire aviation have updated their cooperation principles based on best international practice. This will allow aviation safety incident investigations to be conducted significantly more smoothly and expeditiously. The companies also agreed on regular preventive safety management meetings and periodic exchanges of good practice.

"The mission and main goal of our company is to ensure flight safety. Both SE Oro Navigacija and Lithuanian Airports pay a lot of attention to safety policies and procedures, including safety risk assessment, as well as safety incident reporting and investigation. I have no doubt that the opportunity to exchange good practices and strengthen cooperation will bring significant mutual benefits and will help speed up and improve the processes by saving financial and human resources of both companies dedicated to solving common issues", says Marius Beliūnas, Interim General Director of SE Oro Navigacija.

According to V.Kšanas, Chief Airports Safety and Security Officer of Lithuanian Airports, this agreement will take a long-term work, done between the two companies, to the next level.

"We believe that this cooperation agreement will further help us to quickly exchange relevant information related to flight safety in the aerodrome area. Our goal is to make the sharing of information as smooth and efficient as possible, because it means that we can not only thoroughly investigate incidents at airports, but also to take preventive steps for the future”, says V.Kšanas.
Lithuanian Airports and Oro Navigacija closely cooperate on other issues as well. In 2019, Lithuanian Airports announced a comprehensive long-term implementation plan for integrated noise reduction measures, signed together with SE Oro Navigacija, the purpose of which is to achieve the most effective result by combining different measures available to the organizations.

About Lithuanian Airports

The Lithuanian airport network includes three air gates in Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga. During 2019 they served 6.5 million passengers and 62 thousand flights.

About SE Oro Navigacija

Oro Navigacija is a certified European Air Navigation Service Provider which renders the Air Traffic Services, the Communications, Navigation and Surveillance Services, and the Aeronautical Information Services to aircraft operating in the airspace of the Republic of Lithuania as well as the areas above the territorial waters and the Baltic Sea comprising the Vilnius Flight Information Region. Oro Navigacija also ensures that the Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre is on duty round-the-clock, and in the event of an aircraft accident, organises and coordinates search and rescue operations.

Last updated: 2020 08 27

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