The ongoing reconstruction of Vilnius Airport's traffic scheme, which is directly linked to the new departures terminal opening at the beginning of next year, is already leading to important changes at the capital's gateways. The most important change is the permanent closure of the airport's iconic ramp to the existing departures terminal, which will be closed to cars from 29th of April.

Importantly, the ramp will continue to be available to all passengers on foot, while only service and passengers with individual needs will be able to access the departure terminal by car.

As a reminder, short-term car stops (for dropping off or picking up passengers) at Vilnius Airport will only be available at the PC and P3 car park zones (see the scheme). Cars arriving passengers will be able to park free of charge for 15 minutes in these car parks.

This traffic and pedestrian scheme will be in place for the whole month of May in the vicinity of Vilnius Airport, with additional changes planned from June onwards, to be announced in mid-May.

"The main reason why we already have to close the exit ramp towards the departure terminal is that this ramp will not be used for the departure function in the new traffic scheme we are implementing, and the whole departure process will be via the new terminal. We are well aware that there will be inconveniences for passengers throughout the summer, but there is simply no other way for positive changes to take place at Vilnius Airport traffic scheme, and we are investing a lot of effort to ensure that the reconstruction works themselves are completed as quickly as possible and are completed already in the autumn, and we are emphasizing the provision of information to passengers at the airport, as we are aware that there will be a lot of questions for passengers when they arrive," says Arnas Dūmanas, Head of the Development Department of Lithuanian Airports.

What will change at Vilnius Airport in 2025?

According to A. Dūmanas, the reconstruction of the country's largest airport will fundamentally change the existing traffic scheme, making it clearer, more oriented and more convenient for passengers to reach the new departure terminal as well as the existing terminal. Integration of public transport and carriers will also be strengthened.

The traffic scheme redesign plan will provide a parking and other traffic area of around 17,000 sq m. All the existing car parks will be merged into a single unit, doubling the traffic capacity compared to the current solution.

The project will upgrade the surface water collection system, all pavements, lighting, shelters, bicycle parking, electric vehicle charging stations and landscaping.

As many as 52 trees and almost 1,500 plants are to be planted in the airport's new central square by October 2024.

Last updated: 2024 04 29