The Ministry of Transport and Communications has announced that in accordance with NATO security requirements, all flights will be prohibited in the airspace within a 30-km radius of the Litexpo exhibition centre during the NATO Summit in Lithuania on 11-12 July. Flights in Vilnius will only be restricted for a bit more than one day – from 12 noon on 11 July to 2 pm on 12 July.

According to Lithuanian Airports, more than 100 flights from Vilnius will be cancelled due to this 26-hour restriction. Airlines will inform passengers of planned flight cancellations in advance. 

It should also be noted that due to the higher than usual air traffic and overload at Vilnius and Kaunas airports, air transport disruptions and delays are likely as well. If possible, it is recommended not to travel by plane to or from Vilnius or Kaunas from 12 noon on 11 July to 4 pm on 12 July (updated 2023 06 30). 

Residents should also be aware that on 7-13 July, there will be other air traffic restrictions over the territory of Lithuania as well, and flying small planes, hot air balloons and drones will be prohibited.

The NATO Summit is being held in Lithuania for the first time and it will be the biggest event in the country’s history. It is expected to bring together around 40-50 foreign delegations (up to 3000 guests) and approximately 2000 representatives of non-governmental organizations and international media.

NATO Summit: key information for travellers may be found here.

Last updated: 2023 04 19

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