While the ongoing construction of the new Departures terminal at Vilnius International Airport (VNO) is set to be finished by 2025, renowned Lithuanian Lego model creator, Rokas Mikšiūnas, has unveiled his own version of the building. Using 13,700 Lego blocks, Mikšiūnas meticulously constructed a model of the future terminal, which is now on display for passengers and their companions to see at the current Departures terminal of Vilnius Airport.

“It is estimated that passenger traffic at Vilnius Airport will double over the next 10 years. Therefore, it is necessary to have a new Departures terminal. Once it is built and connected to the infrastructure of the existing terminals, the passenger capacity at the airport will double to 2,400 passengers per hour. We will also apply innovations to enhance the travel experience and the efficiency of Lithuanian air gateways. We invited Rokas Mikšiūnas to build a Lego model of the future Departures terminal to visually demonstrate the future image of Vilnius Airport to the public and to remind them that significant changes have begun,” said Arnas Dūmanas, Director of the Development Department of Lithuanian Airports.

Completed in just 7 days

Rokas Mikšiūnas, the architectural and cultural heritage promoter, began planning the Lego version of the Departures terminal in April. He spent most of that time creating the design and layout of the model. It was necessary to examine an existing 3D model of the building, calculate exactly how many and which Lego bricks would be needed for the model, and then place a precise order with the Lego manufacturer.

Once the 15 kg (33 lbs) parcel reached the hands of Rokas Mikšiūnas on May 22, he began assembling the model. This meticulous work took 7 days, as he worked from 8 a.m. until 12 a.m. A good crew was required to finish the job on time, just like in traditional construction work, thus 8 of Rokas' pals helped create the Lego airport model.

“It’s my first Lego model of an airport terminal, and it’s one of the greatest works that I’ve ever made. Perhaps the most challenging task was replicating the architecture of the Departures terminal facade. Even though it was difficult to implement, this project was very interesting and important to me personally. I would say that I am the informal ambassador of Vilnius. I want as many people as possible to learn about the capital, as well as to be able to visit as conveniently as possible, and the new terminal will help us achieve this," said Rokas Mikšiūnas.

You can see his creation and take a photo with it in the current Departures terminal of Vilnius Airport. Later, it is expected to be displayed at various events, conferences and exhibitions.

The actual terminal will be ready in less than two years

The Lego terminal, according to Arnas Dūmanas, is a symbolic reminder of significant changes, because Vilnius Airport is scheduled to change beyond recognition in 2025.

The new two-storey, 14,400 sq. m passenger Departures terminal is already sprouting up between the current terminal and the VIP terminal with a conference centre. The new terminal will be connected to the current passenger terminal by a spacious gallery, allowing for smooth communication between the terminals.

It is planned that the ground floor of the new building will house a check-in area with a self-service area, featuring a time-saving self-service baggage system. Public spaces, cafeterias and other commercial zones, as well as airline offices, will be built. On the second floor, there will be a security checkpoint as well as departure and arrival gates for passengers from the Schengen area. In addition, the current terminal will be transformed into a space where passengers can wait for their flights in comfort, by shopping, eating and relaxing before their journey.

“We are focusing not only on convenience and fast services for passengers, but also on sustainability. The new building meets A++ energy class requirements and produces very low CO2 emissions, and we are aiming for BREEAM Good certification. Sustainable construction also leads to a better performance, higher long-term returns, and a responsible approach to the environment and human health,” said Arnas Dūmanas.

The new Vilnius Airport Departures terminal is set to open in the first quarter of 2025. A dedicated sub-page with all the information about the future Departures terminal is available here:

"Lego" airport terminal opening:

Last updated: 2023 05 30

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