The pandemic crisis has struck the aviation industry in proportions that have not been seen ever before. Vacation plans had to be dropped not only by regular tourists or travelers but also by musicians, artists, and performers who got their abroad gigs canceled. Nightlife artists – DJs are no exception.


One of the cases is Lithuanian electronic music producer - Mindaugas Lapinskis (artistic name: Gardens of God). “In the last four years, I’ve played in several hundred different parties all around the world. Right now, how to put it, let’s say, there is much more time to devote to music. Maybe even too much of it.” sais Mindaugas.


However, there’s still a way to connect with foreign audiences and fans even for DJs, even during lockdown – the internet. 


It’s quite symbolic, that Mindaugas Lapinskis, a global performer, who can’t travel, performs a DJ set in an airport. Just this time, instead of audiences of Argentina, the UK, or the USA, the listeners and party attenders are airplanes. 


Lithuanian airports Media Relations Officer Tadas Vasiliauskas adds that this project may be a gesture of gradually reviving aviation. He refers to the performance as “electronic music mini-opera created for aviation.”


The audiovisual piece was recorded in Vilnius airport for the electronic music project “Antidote” which was born during quarantine as a response to intellectual poisoning that occurs when staying too much time at home without fun.


„Antidote Community“ Youtube channel



Last updated: 2020 07 30

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