Lithuanian Airports' Sustainability Policy, adopted in 2022, enshrines and announces our guiding principles for sustainable and responsible operations.




Our activities are guided by internationally accepted sustainability principles. We adhere to the Airport Sustainability Declaration, adopted on 31 October 2016 and signed together with other international airports such as Chicago, Dallas, Rome, Amsterdam Schiphol, New York John F. Kennedy (JFK), London Heathrow, London Gatwick and others. The Declaration's main objective is to strengthen the system of sustainable and resilient airports around the world through cooperation, transparency, innovation and engagement.




Responsibility for day-to-day sustainability and sustainability reporting is assigned to the Head of Communications, and coordination of each priority sustainability topic is assigned to responsible staff. Half-yearly, annual performance and sustainability reports are presented to the Board and ongoing sustainability management issues are discussed at monthly Board meetings.

The Corporate Sustainability Report is integrated into the Annual and Operational Report, which is first approved by the Board of Directors and then by the Ministry of Transport.



We continuously assess and manage corruption risks, foster an attitude of intolerance towards corruption among our employees and partners, and systematically implement measures to address all potential causes and conditions of corruption.

The main documents we follow are the Corruption Prevention Law of the Republic of Lithuania and the legal acts implementing it, the sector's corruption resistance documents approved by orders of the Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania, and the description of the Corruption Prevention Policy.

The company has a zero-gift policy.

This code of ethics for the operating partners of Lithuanian Airports.



Engaging stakeholders and fostering good relations with them is at the heart of our business strategy. Lithuanian Airports' key stakeholders are customers, shareholder, partners, colleagues and the public. Meeting the needs and expectations of these stakeholders is crucial to the success of our strategy. The Sustainability Strategy, and thus the content of this report, is structured around the main topics of concern to stakeholders.


Last updated: 2023 07 27