For companies and legal entities starting their operations at the airside of VNO, CEO or authorized representative of the company must complete these steps:

1. Fill in and submit an ‘’Application to register legal entity in the pass office database of legal entities operating in the airside of SE Lithuanian Airports Vilnius branch’’, which can be found here.

1.1 Please take into consideration, that company can assign an authorized signatory for all applications and forms regarding passes. Authorized signatory may be assigned only via form, which can be found here.

2.  In order to receive permanent passes, after completing Step. 1, staff of the company operating at the airside of the airport must individually fill in application for the permanent personal pass and submit them to the Pass Office.

While filling in application, it is mandatory to fill in all required information (this rule applies to all documents submitted to Aviation Security Department of SE Lithuanian Airports).

  • While listing residence places and workplaces and/or educational institutions, no unexplained gaps of 28 days and more can be left. If activity was other than work or education, family member who can confirm it, must be listed (full name, relation, phone number)
  • If applicant has been living outside of Lithuania for more than 6 months, he must provide Criminal Record from country of past residence. If Criminal Record is completed in a language other than English or Russian, authorized translation must be added.
  • If applicant is a foreigner, but has been living inside Lithuania for more than 6 months he must provide a record from Republican Center for Addictive Dissorders, stating that applicant has not been registered as alcohol or drug abuser in their database.

3. Application for issue of a permanent personal pass is signed by CEO of the company or authorized signatory, who marks required airside zones and provides explanation for what reasons permanent pass is required.

4. When application has been submited to the Pass Office, applicants can register themselves for aviation security online courses. They are mandatory for every person working at the airside of the airport.

Registration and courses can be found via this link:

Mandatory courses:

  • Training of persons requiring unescorted access to security restricted areas
  • VNO Aviation security awareness training

5. Permanent pass is issued only after all three requirements are met:
- background check is done (takes approx 14 days)
- applicant has passed online course exams
- issue of permanent pass have been confirmed

Last updated: 2019 07 16 16:04