This webpage is dedicated to the rules and regulations governing the issuance of passes at Lithuanian Airports.

Before filling any forms and/or requests, please read the Privacy policy which lists how Lithuanian Airports manage personal data in relation with the issuance of airport passes.

LTOU pass system is used to obtain all types of passes which are valid in the territory of Joint stock company Lithuanian airport.

Types of passes:

  • Permanent personal pass
  • Permanent vehicle pass
  • Temporary personal pass
  • Temporary vehicle pass
  • Temporary visitor pass (valid only until 2021.12.31)
  • Vehicle escort pass (valid only until 2021.12.31)

Permanent airport passes

Requirements for companies and legal entities starting their operations at the airside of Joint stock company Lithuanian Airports:

1. Fill in and submit an "Application to register legal entity in the pass office database of legal entities operating in the airside of Joint stock company Lithuanian Airports Vilnius branch’’, which can be found here.

2. Please take into consideration, that company can assign an authorized signatory for all applications and forms regarding passes. Authorized signatory may be assigned only via form, which can be found here.

Requirement for individual persons:

1. Head of the organization of authorized signatory registers his employees in the LTOU pass system.

2. Persons, who have received login details must submit individual applications.\

While submitting an online application, it is mandatory to fill in all required information (this rule applies to all documents submitted to Aviation Security Department of Joint stock company Lithuanian Airports).

While listing residence places and workplaces and/or educational institutions, no unexplained gaps of 28 days and more can be left unexplained.

In case during 5 year period there was:

  • Period of education – appllicant needs to provide diploma about completed studies or confirmation from educational institution.
  • Period of unemployment – applicant needs to provide confirmation from Lithuanian Unemployment Service (applies only for Lithuanian citizenship holders)
  • Residence period of more than 6 months in any country – applicant needs to provide a criminal record from each country
  • If activity was other than work or education, family member who can confirm it, must be listed (full name, relation, phone number).

Guidelines how to obtain criminal record can be found here.

3. Once individual application is completed and confirmed by the organisation it is forwarded to SJoint stock company Lithuanian Airports Pass Office. At the same time, individual applying for permanent pass is automatically registered at online exam page, where he/she needs to complete following courses:

  • Training of persons requiring unescorted access to security restricted areas (permanent airport pass)
  • Aviation security awareness training (permanent airport pass)
  • Aerodrome safety training acording EASA ADR.OR.D.017 requirements (permanent airport pass)

4. Permanent personal pass is issued when following criteria are met:

  • Organization has an official contract with Joint stock company Lithuanian airports regarding it‘s operations
  • Application for permanent pass has been submitted and accepted
  • Online training and exams are completed
  • Background check has been done and person meets requirements for status of an impecheable reputation.

Permanent vehicle passes

Organizations, which are operating at the airside of SE Lithuanian airports and needs service vehicles to transport goods/passengers, provide maintenance and repair of the aircraft or airport facilities, may obtain permanent vehicle passes. Permanent vehicle passes are issued only at Joint stock company Lithuanian airports Pass Office and if they meet following criteria:

  • Submitted online application to receive permanent vehicle pass
  • Attached copy of vehicle registration and technical maintenance document
  • Attached copy of vehicle insurance (might be company operational insurance)
  • Attached copy of parking contract between organization and Joint stock company Lithuanian airports. To discuss and sign it, please contact sales project manager Monika Simonaite [email protected]

Ground handling equipment used only at the airside of the airport and/or designed to be used only inside of apron must meet following criteria:

  • Submitted online application to receive permanent vehicle pass
  • Written confirmation from the organization that equipment meets GSE standards and listed dates when maintenance has been done.
  • Attached copy of parking contract between organization and Joint stock company Lithuanian airports. To discuss and sign it, please contact sales project manager Monika Simonaite [email protected]

Temporary passes

Temporary passes can be issued for visitors and vehicles, intended for short-term presence at the airside. Please find rules and requirements of temporary passes usage

  • Individuals with temporary passes who have work-related need to access airside are allowed to that only while being supervised by a person with permanent pass. 1 person with permanent pass can only escort/supervise no more than 10 persons. Temporary passes for individuals can be issued only for period no longer than 2 months.
  • Vehicles entering airside are allowed to do that only while being escorted by a vehicles and drivers who have permanent passes and apron driving licenses. Temporary vehicle passes are issued for 24 hours only.

Both types of permits can be issued via LTOU pass system by registered users who have permanent passes.

Temporary permits must be printed out in colour and have a fully scannable QR code.


Type of pass



Permanent airport pass  31.80 EUR
Duplicate (when original pass is lost) 13.50 EUR

Permanent vehicle pass

12.50 EUR + yearly road tax: 

VNO - 78.03 EUR

KUN - 93.25 EUR

PLQ - 130.52 EUR

Temporary vehicle pass

6.80 EUR


Contacts of the Airport Pass Office

Rodūnios road 6B, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Phone: +370 5 2739 390

Last updated: 2023 12 28