Last information update: January 4th

On December 16th, new national lockdown measures have been enforced, limiting movement between internal regions of Lithuania. The measures have been extended until January 31st, 2021 (read more here).

Flights to and from Lithuanian Airports will continue to operate as per schedule. Passengers holding a valid flight ticket/reservation can cross the borders of internal regions when heading to or from Vilnius/Kaunas/Palanga Airport. Find more information here

Mandatory forms

It is mandatory for all travelers before arriving at Lithuanian airports to fill the National Public Health Center passenger form online available here

At the time of boarding the airline representative should check if passengers can provide the QR code confirming the filling of the form. Decision and QR code example can be found here. This decision does not apply to persons in transit by air through Lithuania.

Traffic light principle

As of October 26th, in line with the recommendations approved by the European Council, the Government decided on the criteria to be applied at the national level, based on which all the countries of the European Union would be divided into four groups according to the traffic light principle. Based on the criteria, the risk will be assessed, the list of the affected countries updated, and preventive measures applied.

Based on the criteria, when assessing the European Union countries, they will be classified into four groups according to colours green, yellow, red, and grey:

  • Green group - no restrictions on people coming from the green zone.
  • Orange and red countries -  Lithuanian citizens or foreigners returning or arriving from these countries will not be subject to such preventive measures as isolation or testing for coronavirus infection (COVID-19).
  • From November 9th, Lithuania has been classified as a red country, meaning that the isolation or possession of a coronavirus (COVID-19) test results only is needed when arriving from grey countries (more here).

The latest ECDC map can be found here.

All restrictions applied for commercial flights to / from the airports of Lithuania have been lifted as from 17 June 2020.

More information on flight permits can be found on the Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration website here.

Below you can find relevant information on various topics important for operations:

Cross-border movement

From September 15th the temporary internal border control and checks for persons entering and leaving the Republic of Lithuania at the internal border of the European Union are no longer in effect and passengers from the Schengen zone can travel freely, non-Schengen passengers are required to pass border control

State Border Guard Service information regarding cross-border movements and transit can be found here. Please read it in order to avoid the denial of entry to passengers traveling to Lithuania.

Isolation requirements 

From November 9th, travellers who have returned or arrived from grey group countries will be subject to the requirement of testing for coronavirus (COVID-19) or for 10-day isolation.

Isolation will no longer be required if a negative test result is received. However, people should refrain for 10 days after returning or arriving in Lithuania from social contacts, from visiting gathering places, and they should follow the work-home routine. 

Read more here about the new isolation rules and the exceptions

Safety measures at VNO, KUN & PLQ airports

  • Hand disinfectants are available for passengers throughout the terminal building. Passengers are strongly advised to regularly wash or disinfect hands. 
  • Terminal premises, horizontal and vertical surfaces are regularly cleaned using disinfectants preventively each day. 
  • Preventive notifications are voiced over the audio system and video messages are shown on the screens at the terminal. 
  • A limited number of registration tables are in use at the same time, tables for different flights are placed at maximum distance from each other. 
  • Queue barriers are placed in front of the tables, supplemented with disinfectant and marking every 1-2 meters, also information on keeping distance is provided. 
  • When servicing arriving or departing passengers, safe distances of 1-2 meters between passengers must be maintained (considering transportation of passengers by bus as well).
  • Organic glass shields are installed on the registration, security check, and boarding tables. 
  • All staff wear PPE which is mandatory. 
  • Possibility to purchase PPE is present in the terminal building. 
  • Every second chair on the benches is marked as not to be used. 
  • Special bins are placed at the arrivals terminal for throwing away (when changing) used PPE.

Rules for the passengers traveling through Lithuanian airports

  • Only the passengers with a valid ticket or seeking to purchase a ticket are allowed into the departures terminal.
  • Only the passengers (older than 6 years) wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) are allowed into the terminal and this is always valid while in the terminal building (except when visiting airport's cafes and restaurants).
  • All arriving passengers pass the border control (until full border control is applicable).

More information about health and safety measures here.

Lithuanian Airports support program for the airlines 

Lithuanian Airports offer a new additional Routes Recovery Incentive Scheme which can be found here

You can find more information about all the existing Incentive Schemes here

Official government information sources

  • Information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania can be found here.  
  • Lithuanian transport safety administration information regarding civil aviation can be found here.
  • Information about Covid-19 in Lithuania can be found here.
  • NOTAMS valid in the Vilnius FIR can be found here.
Last updated: 2021 01 04